IETF Open Internet Standards

Video: IETF Newcomers Session Provides A Tutorial About The Standards Process

What is the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) all about?  How does it work to create the open standards that power the Internet?  What does it do specifically?  How can you participate?

At IETF 92 this week in Dallas, Texas, USA, long-time IETF participant Scott Bradner delivered a tutorial as part of the IETF 92 for Newcomers program.  His session was streamed live and is now available for viewing. In the 1.5 hour session Scott covers:

  • IETF history & overview
  • IETF Purpose
  • how work gets done
  • IETF role & scope
  • IETF structure & associated groups
  • IETF management & selection
  • IETF process & procedure
  • a working group session
  • intellectual property rights (IPR)

His slides are available for download.

You can watch the video below – or view it directly on YouTube – and then I would encourage you to visit the IETF Newcomers page to learn more.

You can view other videos that were recorded this week at IETF92 at