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Heading To Costa Rica April 19-22 To Talk Internet Governance And IPv6

The Internet Society will be heading to a series of events in San Jose, Costa Rica, next week where we are tackling the three pillars that ground our work: development, policy and technology. We expect to bring together several opportunities to promote the open internet, collaborative efforts and the multistakeholder approach for an enabling policy environment. Participating in the sessions from ISOC staff will be: Sally Wentworth, Vice President of Global Policy Development; Sebastian Bellagamba, Regional Bureau Director for LAC and Raquel Gatto, Regional Policy Advisor.

Here are the events in which we are participating:

South School on Internet Governance – SSIG

SSIG is one of the pioneer capacity-building programs about Internet Governance in the region, lead by Olga Cavalli and Adrian Carballo, both ISOC Argentina Chapter officers. Around 100 participants are expected from across the region with different stakeholder background, gender and ages. The program is built on an intensive full week of learning classes directly from experts in the region and encourages the exchange between students and faculty members. The Internet Society has supported this initiative since its inception for the opportunity of fostering the community building and empowering our next generation leaders in the region.

On Monday, 20th April at 11:00am local time (UTC-6), Raquel Gatto will talk about the Internet Governance Ecosystem, the key principles that brought this model together and how the internet keeps working through the different mechanisms.

On Wednesday, 22nd April at 9:30am local time (UTC-6), Sebastian Bellagamba joins the panel about IETF and Internet Standards, highlightening the importance of the participation from our region, especially in preparation for the upcoming IETF Buenos Aires meeting on April 2016, the first one to be held in Latin America.

Both sessions will be webcast by the SSIG organizers. We will update this post with the link to the webcast when it is available.

1st Regional Dialogue on Internet Governance for Central America and Panama

This event is hosted by the Costa Rica Telecommunications Superintendence (SUTEL) in collaboration with the Ministry of Science, Technology and Telecommunications of Costa Rica (MICITT) and working closely to our ISOC Costa Rica Chapter Chair, Mr Carlos Raul Gutiérrez.

This is another successful example of how the regional community embraces the multistakeholder and collaborative approaches to come together aiming to build a space for discussing emerging Internet Governance issues. This event has a high level attendance confirmed including the Internet pioneer and founder of Internet Society Mr Vint Cerf and our own Sally Wentworth. Both are schedule for the morning panels on Tuesday, 21st April.

In the afternoon panel at 17:30 local time (UTC-6), Sebastian Bellagamba will speak about the construction of an Internet Governance agenda in Central America building on the experience from LACIGF and other fora in putting forward an IG regional agenda.

A webcast will be available! Keep tuned to the event website.

IPv6 Workshop

We are supporting this event as part of our technical infrastructure development efforts in the region. The transition to the IPv6  is imperative for the continued growth of the internet. The workshop is organized by (the ccTLD administrators) and CRIX (Costa Rica Internet Exchange Point). It will be presented by Alejandro Acosta, chair of IPv6 Task Force and engineer from LACNIC, and Alvaro Retana, IETF-LAC chair and Routing Area Director at the IETF. The main audience will be the Internet Service Providers (ISPs) in Costa Rica currently connected to CRIX but it is open to all the Internet network operators in the country.

If you are attending one of the meetings, we will be delighted to meet you! Find us around and let’s have the famous Costa Rica coffee with a good conversation.