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TODAY! Free “Security in an IPv6 World” Webinar at 1PM ET

Today’s the day! At 1300 EDT (1700 UTC) our Chris Grundemann is teaming up with USTelecom for a webinar. From the session abstract:

Security in an IPv6 World: Myth & Reality

Now that IPv6 is being actively deployed around the world, security is more and more a growing concern. Unfortunately, there are still a large number of myths that plague the IPv6 security world. Join The Internet Society and USTelecom for a comprehensive webcast that will look at some of the most common IPv6 security myths, and the reality behind them.

This largely follows our series of IPv6 Security Myths here on this site, and he’s given some version of this talk at conferences around the world. This is your chance to hear it for yourself without having to leave your desktop.

If you want to listen in and ask some questions, register now! It starts in about two hours from right now. We hope to see you online.