Internet Governance

Internet Society Activity At WSIS Forum 2015 in Geneva 25-29 May 2015

On the road leading to the ten-year Review of the WSIS in December 2015, next week the Internet Society will be at the WSIS Forum 2015 in Geneva. This year’s theme, ”Innovating together: Enabling ICTs for Sustainable Development”, shows how intertwined the Internet governance and the Development agendas are.

Indeed, while the exact scope of the overall WSIS+10 Review, in December, remains to be defined, it is expected that discussions will continue to gravitate around the role of ICTs in development, among other topics such as Internet governance, human rights and security. 

To help navigate the WSIS+10 process, we’ve published this overview document that attempts to explain the situation:

We at the Internet Society believe the WSIS+10 Review is an opportunity to celebrate the progress made over the past decade. It’s clear that the development of Internet infrastructure on all continents has accelerated economic growth and social development. This success is due to the openness of the Internet ecosystem which includes all stakeholders. Otherwise, the WSIS Action Lines (Access, Security, etc.) could simply not be implemented effectively.

Next week at the WSIS Forum, ISOC staff will be working hard to ensure that the principles that lead to an open and trusted Internet are reflected in the discussions.  On that point, part of our work will be promoting our Call For an Open WSIS+10 Preparatory Process and highlighting the over 80 organizations and individuals who have endorsed the call thus far.  We’ll also be seeking further signatories (any of you can sign!) to open up the WSIS+10 Review process to include all stakeholders.

One of ISOC’s goal will also be to facilitate dialogue building across the different communities. On Thursday, 28 May, from 13:15 – 14:45 CET, we will be joining with ICC-BASIS, Global Partners Digital, the Center for Democracy & Technology and the Geneva Internet Platform to host a luncheon briefing on the topic of “ The way forward for the WSIS+10 review process”.  All are welcome to attend either in person or remotely.  You can learn more find out how to register on Diplo’s website.

We look forward to pursuing the dialogue with many of you either at the WSIS 2015 Forum next week, either at one of the many Internet governance events leading up to the December meetings.