Not Quite Goodbye

Chris Grundemann at IETF 91It is with both a heavy heart and high hopes for the future that I write this, my last post as an Internet Society employee.

It’s been an amazing couple of years! I’ve gotten the chance to work with a bunch of brilliant and dedicated folks all over the world. I’ll most miss my Deploy360 team mates of course.

This isn’t goodbye however. I will remain engaged in many of the projects that I am currently involved in, just as I was involved in many of them before I started working here; back to being an ISOC volunteer. I remain fully committed to helping network engineers the world over build a repository of Best Current Operational Practices (BCOPs) and giving practitioners around the globe a louder voice at the IETF. IPv6, DNSSEC, TLS, Securing BGP, and Anti-Spoofing will all continue to be priorities for me. Now I’ll just be deploying them, rather than writing about the folks who are.

If you’d like to know more about my motivations for leaving the Internet Society, take a look at my personal blog. In short, an opportunity knocked and I felt I had to answer the call.

Now get back to the noble work of deploying and operationalizing those broccoli technologies!