IPv6 in Finland – finally

Today, 9 June 2015, is national IPv6 launch day in Finland. Some people might raise their eyebrows and ask: “what, again?” I remember organizing an Internet Technology conference in Helsinki in 1999 where one of the topics was IPv6 and its imminent worldwide deployment. After that it soon started to resemble the story of the boy who cried wolf and “IPv6 will come next year” became a running joke.

So, sixteen years later, has something changed? A couple of months ago I would have said not really. However, the Finnish Communications Regulation Authority’s approach to organize a national launch day and get all the big players to take part seems to have worked. Last month the statistics on the Finnish IPv6 deployment were still showing really low figures – on average less than one percent of all traffic was on IPv6. Today it is estimated about 4 to 5 percent. According to Emile Aben from RIPE NCC, “it’s rising like a rocket”.

And why not? It could be argued that this is long overdue. Public IPv4 resources were exhausted along time ago in Europe and we can read from the news how IPv4 addresses are sold to the tune of 5 euros a piece for the desperate.

At the moment is seems that the snowball has started rolling and is gathering both momentum and size. Hopefully it will keep growing and not melt away in the summer heat.