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Join InterCommunity 2015 on July 7/8 to talk about Internet security!

InterCommunity 2015 logoThis week you have a unique opportunity to offer your opinion on how we can make the Internet more secure!  On July 7 and 8 our global Internet Society membership meeting, InterCommunity 2015, will bring together thousands of people all around the world to address critical questions around the future of the Internet – how it is governed, how it is secured and how we bring the rest of the world online.  YOU CAN JOIN IN DIRECTLY by going to this site to register:

You can join in from your computer or mobile device in your home, at your office or wherever you can get connectivity.

This is a global meeting happening ON the Internet – and FOR the Internet!

In some cities across the world we will have “regional nodes” where people will be gathering together in a location to join into conversations with each other – and then to join into the global conversation.  You are welcome to gather in one of those locations… or to join in from wherever you are.  There are opportunities to connect in and have your voice heard from wherever you can connect.

As you can see on the InterCommunity agenda, the meeting will be running twice to bring in everyone around the world and will have different people and different segments.  The goal is to bring all our members together, to exchange views and to come together to use our collective strength to address these critical issues and bring about a stronger and more secure Internet.

Please READ THIS POST from Internet Society President and CEO Kathy Brown for more information!

I’ll actually be in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, at the regional node there where I’ll be leading part of the global conversation about collaborative security and how we can all work together to make the Internet more secure.  If you are there in Ottawa, I look forward to meeting you face-to-face.  If you are online, I look forward to interacting with you.  The topics we cover here on Deploy360 are all about making the Internet more secure and accessible… all key themes here in InterCommunity 2015!

Please join with us!  It’s gonna be great!

P.S. What?  You aren’t a member of the Internet Society?  No worries… it’s free to join and become a member!