Improving Technical Security Mutually Agreed Norms for Routing Security (MANRS) Open Internet Standards

MANRS on the Road! Discussing Routing Security in Chicago Next Week

Next week, on Tuesday, 1 September, I’ll be talking about MANRS, routing security, and community collaboration at NANOG on the Road in Chicago. Increasing the adoption of MANRS (Mutually Agreed Norms for Routing Security) is one of our most important activities. More and more operators are signing on, signaling not only their commitment to the actions specified in MANRS but also their commitment to an open Internet that is driven by shared responsibility and collaborative action. We continue to meet with network operators and encourage them to become a part of this ongoing activity.

NANOG on the Road is having its fourth meeting of the year, this time in the Chicago area. These meetings provide opportunities for professional education and networking and cover topics ranging from the current state of IPv6 adoption to developments in Internet Governance. You can read all about the meetings at and the meeting in Chicago next week at

The meeting is open and free, but you must register. I’m speaking in the afternoon on MANRS. I’ll be speaking about the problem, the motivations, the collaborative nature of the MANRS effort, and the specific actions participants are expected to take.

The rest of the agenda is appealing too, with discussions of IPv6 deployment, a primer on BGP, and tutorial on DoS attacks.

I hope you can join me if you’re in the area. Register today!