Internet Governance

Decoding the WSIS message – ISOC releases matrix of countries’ positions

Over the next few months, major discussions at the United Nations will shape the future of Internet governance. In order to prepare with our community for the ten-year Review of the World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS+10), in New York, USA, on 15 to 16 December 2015, we are publishing today a matrix of the countries’ positions on WSIS+10. The matrix draws from their written contributions to the UN this summer, and is designed to help all stakeholders better understand the key issues at the the heart of the negotiations.

Countries are making contributions on an ongoing basis so please do realize the matrix constantly needs to be updated; the next version will include full analysis of the WSIS+10 “zero draft”. Any feedback and suggestions on how to improve the document would be welcome. The most recent version of the matrix can always be found at:

You are welcome to use the matrix, print the document, and share it with others. We have licensed it under a Creation Commons By Attribution license meaning that you are free to use it in whatever form you like as long as the Internet Society is mentioned as the source.

It is part of the Internet Society’s core mission to strengthen the Internet governance ecosystem by enabling stakeholders to be fully part of discussions that may affect them. In the Internet Governance survey we conducted last spring, our community also indicated that key priorities are to make Internet governance easier to understand. The release of this WSIS+10 matrix today builds on our effort over the past weeks to publish policy briefs, organize Community Forums and also the launch of the Digital Watch project.

We are looking forward to discussing further WSIS+10 issues with our members and chapters during our Community Forum on 8 Oct.  If you would like to be part of these discussions, you can simply become an Internet Society member (it is free).