Improving Technical Security Privacy

APT CSF-6 focused on essential and urgent issues for cybersecurity

Recognizing the growing importance of cybersecurity, delegates at the Asia-Pacific Telecommunity (APT) 6th Cybersecurity Forum in Bangkok, Thailand exchanged opinions on emerging security threats, best practices in cyber legislation, international collaboration, computer emergency response teams, raising online privacy awareness and approaches to combat spam. Cybersecurity is also one of the work items under the APT Strategic Plan for 2015-2017 adopted by the APT General Assembly held last year in Yangon, Myanmar.

Representatives from 20 member states and several organizations expressed the need to enhance regional collaborative efforts in combating cybercrime, enhancing cybersecurity and countering spam and other online security threats. It was recognized that in addition to policy making, building awareness among end-users should also be a priority for governments.

Presenters shared cybersecurity trends and challenges in their respective countries, and agreed on the fact that cybersecurity is not limited by borders–threats cannot be dealt with in an isolated manner, and requires mutual collaboration among countries and organizations.

The Internet Society Asia-Pacific Bureau presented on spam, highlighting new ways by which spam can be distributed through platforms like social media. According to a research report, a 355% increase in social media spam was recorded during the first half of 2013. Participants were also briefed on the ISOC’s Combating Spam Project and Collaborative Security Initiative.