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ENOG10 in Ukraine: Speaking about RIPE-554, DNSSEC, DANE and Email

The ENOG LogoEurasia Network Operators’ Group (ENOG) 10 meeting in Odessa, Ukraine just started! The agenda is packed with very good content and the ENOG Program Committee did a great job putting together such a diverse set of presentations. I’ll have two presentations during these two days. The first one is about RIPE-554 and RIPE-631 BCP documents and on the next day I’ll talk about some deployment of DNSSEC and DANE in go6lab and also about the experiment that we did in our lab on top 1 million Alexa domains regarding email system – how many of them are DANE, DNSSEC and TLS enabled.

enog10If you happen to be at the meeting, find us and talk to us, we are always happy to chat about latest and greatest Internet technologies and developments! If you are not here, you can follow the meeting remotely at