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Speaking on Infrastructure and Digital Literacy Tomorrow in Belgrade

Tomorrow (Tuesday, 6 October), we’ll join the Belgrade ISOC Chapter meeting to discuss building Internet capacity in the country. I’ll be be part of a panel on the topic of building local broadband networks and digital literacy. Here’s a roughly edited translation of the original abstract and meeting agenda:


Panelists will discuss from different angles the current state of Internet access in Serbia, as well as strategies to improve it. Some of the issues include mechanisms for better penetration of the Internet in households? What is the state of infrastructure and how to improve it, especially when it comes to rural areas? What are the laws relating to Internet access? Digital literacy as a factor for access to the Internet gender and age dimension. Is there a shared vision of the Ministry and the regulatory bodies for the future when it comes to this topic?

Why is the build-out of fiber to the home so slow? What are the capacities needed to cover the growing needs of Internet access? How can we make sure that the local economy keeps growing with enough underlying capacity, infrastructure, and new technologies?

Frederick Donck, ISOC Regional Bureau Director will also talk about Internet policy in the EU – the synopsis of what’s going on there and how it affects the real world of networks and the Internet.

If you happen to be in Belgrade and at the meeting – stop by and find us. We are always happy to chat about the Internet, new technologies, and their deployment.