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Watch Live Today – DNSSEC For Everybody: A Beginner's Guide – ICANN 54

ICANN 54 logoWant to understand what DNSSEC is all about?  Would you like to understand how DNSSEC helps make DNS more secure?  And why DNSSEC is important?

Today (19 October 2015) in just under two hours at 5:30 pm Irish Summer Time (IST – UTC+1) we’ll be streaming the “DNSSEC For Everyone – A Beginner’s Guide” session live out of ICANN 54 in Dublin, Ireland. This is a fun session that takes a humorous view on DNSSEC… and includes a number of people acting out a skit showing how DNS and DNSSEC work! 🙂  We throw in some caveman… and I spend some time talking about blue smoke!

Feedback from past sessions is that this all has helped people understand better how this all works – and so we encourage you to watch if you can.  The session is scheduled for 90 minutes, but the first 45 is typically the presentation and then the remainder is a question and answer period.

You can watch the video and slides for the session at:

A live video stream is available at:

An audio-only streaming option is also available from the session page on the ICANN 54 web site.

The session begins at 5:30 pm IST in Dublin, which is also 6:30 pm in central Europe and 12:30 pm in US Eastern time.

If you can’t watch the event live, it will be recorded and an archive will be available sometime after ICANN 54 on the session page.

And if you want to get started understanding DNSSEC and DANE, please head on over to our Start Here page to find resources to help you begin!