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Deploy360@IETF94, Day4: DNSSEC & IPv6-related Internet-of-Things

DNS team at IETF 93 hackathonThe fourth day at IETF 94 in Yokohama is a busy one for the Deploy360 team following DNSSEC and the IPv6 related aspects of DHCP and the Internet-of-Things. There’s unfortunately another clash between several of these sessions, so some shuttling between rooms is going to be necessary.

NOTE: If you are unable to attend IETF 94 in person, there are multiple ways to participate remotely.

The dnsop (DNS Operations) Working Group will be meeting during the 09.00-11.30 UTC+9 block, with a good amount of DNSSEC on the agenda.  First is the ongoing BCP work to document the problems that DNSSEC resolvers might run into within non-compliant infrastructure.  There’s also a proposal to introduce a new EDNS option to measure acceptance and use of new trust anchors and key signing keys. And there will be discussion on a draft about improving the communication of DS records between parent and child zones.

For those interested in the Internet-of-Things, there are several sessions related to implementing IPv6 on nodes with limited power, memory and processing resources. The 6tisch (IPv6 over Networks of Resource-Constrained Nodes) Working Group will also be meeting during the 09.00-11.30 UTC+9 block, with 6tisch (IPv6 over the TSCH mode of IEEE 802.15.4e) Working Group meeting during the 15.20-17.20 UTC+9 block, and the roll (Routing Over Low Power and Lossy Networks) Working Group meeting during 17.40-18.40 UTC+9 block.

Also in the 15.20-17.20 UTC+9 block, the dhc (Dynamic Host Configuration) Working Group will discussing several drafts related to DHCPv6, including security and encryption mechanisms.

For more background, please read the Rough Guide to IETF 94 from Andrei, Mat, Karen, Dan and myself.

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