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ION Cape Town: Good COP, BCOP

ion-capetown-ai-pngThis week we’re highlighting some of the topics that were covered during ION Cape Town a couple of months back. This was our third ION conference of 2015, and was held in conjunction with South Africa iWeek 2015 which has been South Africa’s leading annual Internet industry conference since 2001.

Today we’re looking at the presentation from Jan Zorz, the Internet Society’s Operational Engagement Manager, on Best Current Operational Practices or BCOP. These are living documents covering, as the name suggests, best current operational practices as agreed by subject matter experts and periodically reviewed by the global networking engineering community.

BCOP aims to address the issue of knowledge being passed in an informal and unstructured way, quite often through word-of-mouth rather than through a documentation and review process. This leads to information being difficult to find and potentially restricted to certain communities or even lost, so BCOP draws on a variety of efforts to produce community derived best practices. There are currently BCOP groups under NANOG (North America), LACNOG (Latin America), RIPE (Europe & Middle East),  JANOG (Japan), NZNOG (New Zealand) and most recently AfNOG (Africa), producing BCOPs on Deploy360 topics such as IPv6 question and answers, IPv6 troubleshooting, IPv6 address (de)aggregation, IP peering, anti-DDOS measures, and DNSSEC operational practice.

ION Cape Town – Best Current Operational Practices Update from Deploy360 Programme (Internet Society)

The Deploy360 team is heavily involved with the BCOP communities, and as well as fostering new BCOP initiatives, is seeking input as to what new BCOPs should be developed. Suggestions include testing visibility from the global Internet, use of the Internet Routing Registry (IRR), IPv6 enterprise renumbering scenarios, and ICMP filtering, but please get in touch if you have other suggestions.

The full list of current BCOPs can be found on the Deploy360 website.

Please also check out the other presentations and videos from the conference, as there’s some interesting deployment case studies and trials of the Deploy360 technologies.