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ION Cape Town: Implementing DNSSEC

ion-capetown-ai-pngThis week we’re highlighting some of the topics that were covered during ION Cape Town a couple of months back. This was our third ION conference of 2015, and was held in conjunction with South Africa iWeek 2015 which has been South Africa’s leading annual Internet industry conference since 2001.

To kick-off we’re looking at DNSSEC which is increasingly being implemented by ccTLD registries around the world. Simon Balthazar of tzNIC (Tanzania) presented a concise but clear case for deploying DNSSEC, pointing out the wide reaching implications of the DNSChanger trojan since 2007. DNS validation will greatly reduce the impact of these sorts of hijackings, and with significant effort and money being expended to improve other areas of Internet security, it’s important to ensure that you’re actually connecting to an authenticated host.

Mark Elkins of Posix Systems also provides a deployment case study for this small South African ISP. They’ve been implementing DNSSEC since 2008, and have signed all their gTLD domains as well as 90 and other domains using tools available from However, the .za root and second-level domains have still to be signed which limits the effectiveness of this initiative, although there are signs this may happen in the coming months.

ION Cape Town – Why Implement DNSSEC? from Deploy360 Programme (Internet Society)

Deploying DNSSEC: A .ZA Case Study – ION Cape Town from Deploy360 Programme (Internet Society)

Please do check out the other presentations and videos from the conference, as there’s some interesting deployment case studies and trials of the Deploy360 technologies.