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ISOC At IGF 2015, Day 3: Cybersecurity, Zero-rating, Death and the Internet and much more…

Day 3 of the 2015 Internet Governance Forum (IGF2015) continues the rapid pace of Internet Society activity, beginning with a main session panel on cybersecurity with ISOC Board of Trustees Chair Bob Hinden. You can see our schedule at:

Please remember that remote participation is possible if you are not in Brazil – and please review our other blog posts about IGF2015 for background. Also, IGF Daily Number 3 is out today with discussion about what happened yesterday.

As I mentioned, Day 3 begins with a main session from 09:00 – 12:30 BRT (UTC-3) on Enhancing Cybersecurity and Building Digital Trust that will include among the speakers the chair of our Board of Trustees, Bob Hinden. We expect that among other topics Bob will speak about Collaborative Security, our approach to Internet security issues. Our positions about encryption could also be discussed.

During that same time period, we’ll have participants in two other sessions. From 9:00 – 10:30am, our Chief Economist, Michael Kende, will be speaking on a panel on WS 110: “Internet Plus” to Fuel Industry Evolution. From 11:00 – 12:00, ISOC Board of Trustee member Narelle Clark will be part of a panel I personally find intriguing: “Death and Internet – Managing Digital Legacies“.

At 14:00 BRT a four-hour two-hour conversation on A Dialogue on “Zero Rating” and network Neutrality will kick off in the Main Meeting Hall. We expect this to be a well-attended session with a great amount of discussion. Our Frédéric Donck is among the panelists. (Please see our Network Neutrality Policy Brief for more information on this topic.)

We’ll also have staff in many other sessions, including:

Throughout the day we’ll be providing updates on social media using the #IGF2015 hashtag, particularly on our @InternetSociety and @ISOCpolicy Twitter accounts. Please follow us there for more info – and if you are in Brazil at IGF 2015, please do stop by our ISOC booth and say hello to our staff and volunteers!

Image credit: photo of ISOC Board of Trustees member Narelle Clark speaking on the Day 2 Best Practices Forum on practices to countering abuse against women online.