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ISOC At IGF Day 2: ISOC Open Forum, IXPs, Encryption, IoT, IPv6 and more

Before diving into what’s on the agenda of “Day 2” of the 2015 Internet Governance Forum (IGF2015) let me first note that yesterday we issued a news release about our President and CEO Kathy Brown’s remarks at the IGF 2015 Opening Session:

We would encourage you all to take a look because those two themes of connecting the unconnected and ensuring trust are themes you are going to hear us talking about quite a bit over the next year! (And probably beyond!)

We also published a video of Kathy Brown’s inspiring remarks at the Day 0 High Level Leaders meeting and with our partners at the Diplo Foundation announced a call for curators of Internet governance topics on the GIP Digital Watch platform. (Apply now!)

It was a VERY busy day and Day 2 (11 Nov) is only going to be even busier! Here’s the schedule:

Please remember that remote participation is possible if you are not in Brazil – and please review our other blog posts about IGF2015 for background. Also check out IGF Daily No. 2 for more information.

Our Day 2 will begin from 09:00 – 10:30 BRT (UTC-3) with two Best Practices Forums that will feature two members of our Internet Society Board of Trustees: Bob Hinden and Narelle Clark.

Simultaneously there will be a workshop session about how mobile Internet and the Internet of Things (IoT) can expand opportunities for people with disabilities.

From 11:00 – 12:30 BRT a number of our staff, Board members and volunteers will be at the ISOC Open Forum in Workshop Room 3 where, as Constance recently wrote, we’ll provide an overview of the Internet Society‚Äôs mission, key activities and regional breadth and provide an opportunity to meet with key staff.

Another major block of the day will be from 14:00 – 17:30 in the Main Meeting Hall where the IGF Intersessional Work: Policy Options and Best Practices for Connecting the Next Billion will be underway. This session will discuss the policy options document that included the input of 15 national and regional IGFs, more than 80 background contributions from all stakeholder groups, as well as comments through the IGF online platform. The various Best Practices documents will also be reviewed.

Throughout the day we’ll also have staff in many other sessions, including:

Throughout the day we’ll be providing updates on social media using the #IGF2015 hashtag, particularly on our @InternetSociety and @ISOCpolicy Twitter accounts. Please follow us there for more info – and if you are in Brazil at IGF 2015, please do stop by our ISOC booth and say hello to our staff and volunteers!

Image credit: photo of the Vint Cert in the Opening Session on Day 1.