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All we want for Christmas is IPv6

fireworksWith the Google IPv6 statistics showing the number of IPv6 connections to Google services approaching 10%, it’s perhaps an opportune time to sign off for the year with the wish that 2016 will be the year that IPv6 deployment goes mass market.

In fact according to Google, IPv6 deployment already saw a 60% increase in 2015, but with the IPv4 address pool essentially exhausted in the ARIN region, there are now clear signs of IPv6 being widely deployed in North America and parts of Latin America. Over in Europe there are also significant success stories with Belgium and Germany leading the way, with other major deployment programmes in the pipeline in the UK, France and the Netherlands.

However, the Asia-Pacific and African regions lag significantly in IPv6 deployments, which is especially concerning in the Asia-Pacific, a region experiencing rapid Internet growth but with a very limited supply of remaining IPv4 addresses. It’s therefore worth again pointing again to RIPE/APNIC Labs article explaining how IPv6 gives comparable performance to IPv4, but without the limitations or difficulties in obtaining address space.

So if you have some spare time over the holiday season, please do look at our Start Here page to understand how you can get started with IPv6.

With this, the Deploy360 team wishes everyone Happy Holidays and a very IPv6 deployable New Year!