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PLNOG16 in Warsaw

plnogThe 16th edition of one the biggest NOGs in the world, PLNOG is being held from 29 February to 1 March 2016 in Warsaw, Poland, and there are some suggestions that it might hit the 800 attendee mark!

As previously announced, I’ll again have the great honour of providing the keynote presentation. Given the excellent technical know-how within the Polish NOG community, I’ve decided to use this 45 minute slot to discuss two different topics for the price of one: RIPE-631 (or IPv6 troubleshooting for residential ISP help desks), as well as the DNSSEC/DANE/TLS mail server experiments undertaken in our Go6lab.

I’m excited to again be opening the PLNOG meeting and also participating in such a large and prestigious grouping of network operators. If you happen to be at PLNOG 16, please come and find me in the hallways as I’m always happy to chat about technology, IPv6, DNSSEC, DANE and everything else that makes our Internet a bit of a better place!

Jan Žorž