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Deploy360@IETF95, Day 5: DNS Ops, DDoS & Crypto

Buenos Aires view

It’s just a short final day at IETF 95, but there’s still several sessions of interest for Deploy360 before we say Adios to Buenos Aires. These include the Domain Name System Operations and DDoS Open Threat Signaling Working Groups which are unfortunately scheduled at the same time.

DNSOP will meet for its second session of the week with some highly contentious issues, specifically around the discussion of “special use names” related to RFC 6761.  There will also be discussions around whether to drop usage of certain aspects of DNS.

That leaves the recently created DOTS Working Group which aims to develop a standard communications protocol intended to facilitate coordinated mitigation of denial-of-service attacks. The drafts cover use cases, requirements and architecture, with another three draft protocol proposals being discussed.

Finally, whilst not directly related to Deploy360 technologies, it may be worth checking out the Crypto Forum Research Group as cryptography ultimately has implications for technologies such as DNSSEC, RPKI and TLS. This session includes as discussion of Quantum Resistant Cryptography which aims to devise algorithms with greater security against cracking by quantum computers.

That’s then it for this IETF, and many thanks for reading along this week. Please do read our other IETF 95-related posts … and we’ll see you at IETF 96 in Berlin this coming July!

NOTE: If you are unable to attend IETF 95 in person, there are multiple ways to participate remotely.

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