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Girls in ICT Day: Shine The Light on Role Models Around The World

It’s no secret the number of women involved in computing jobs has fallen over the past 20 years. In fact, a 2013 report showed that just women held 26 percent of computing jobs in the U.S., down from 35 percent in 1990.

From discouraging diversity reports to stereotypes, to expectations of women.  There are no shortage of reasons why women are choosing to turn their back on careers that are flexible, rewarding, and well paid

But there’s another side to the story – and it’s often one that gets buried.

It’s that woman already out there who are doing incredible things with technology.

Some are engineers, some humanitarians, some are lawyers, and others are artists.

Technology is so much a part of our lives that no matter what our careers – it’s going to be a part of it.

We highlighted many of them here. From humanitarians to engineers – they are using tech to build their careers.  They range from musicians to humanitarians to engineers.

They’re using the Internet and tech to create opportunities that were unheard of before.

And that is key.

Women are changing things online. Everyday. We need to keep telling stories of these women

This is why we started our #ShineTheLight campaign.  It’s a way for everyone to celebrate an amazing girl or woman they know who’s creating using tech to create.

On Girls in ICT day, tag a girl or woman in tech with #ShineTheLight and let girls all over the world know the have allies.

Lots of them.