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Two New Policy Briefs Available Now: Encryption and Identity

We are pleased to announce the publication of our latest two policy briefs on Encryption and Identity. This is part of our commitment from last year to produce content on various policy issues relating to the Internet. Our policy briefs series aims to assist policy makers (and anyone else interested) to understand current trends and discussions as they take place.

In the Encryption brief, we provide some key considerations and guiding principles for discussions around encryption. Our position is that while the concerns of law enforcement agencies are valid, we are still firm in our conviction that encryption is an important technical solution that all Internet users should use to protect their communication and data.

Similar, in the Identity brief, we take the view that governments should:

  1. continue to encourage the open development and use of new technologies to express identity on the Internet, whether they are identified, pseudonyms, or anonymous; and
  2. refrain from activities that might stifle innovation or economic and social progress. An example would be mandating the level of identification required to access the Internet or social media.

French and Spanish translations of these two briefs will follow shortly. All of our Policy Briefs are available at:

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