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BT to support IPv6 from Autumn 2016

BTStill more positive news in the IPv6 world this week as BT announces that IPv6 will be enabled on their network from Autumn 2016. BT is the incumbent telco and largest ISP in the UK, with an estimated 8 million Internet subscribers, and aims to make IPv6 available by default for those customers with HomeHub 5 and 6 routers towards the end of year. However, it seems it will be early 2017 before all of their customers can use it, particularly those with the HomeHub 4 routers.

Our sources suggest that IPv6 has become a high priority for BT in recent months with IPv6 being pushed out in the core network, so there’s every chance that BT customers will finally get to catch up with those of major competitor Sky Broadband. Reports suggest that residential subscribers will be assigned a dynamic /56 prefix.

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