Deploy360 IPv6

Light up the IPv6-enabled Christmas tree

It’s been a great year for IPv6 deployment, with the Google IPv6 statistics showing that the number of IPv6 connections to Google services hit 16% recently, representing a nearly 150% increase since the start of 2015. Even more importantly, many major ISPs and mobile operators have been actively deploying IPv6, with IPv6 capability almost hitting 30% in the US, Germany and Greece. Belgium of course still leads the way with nearly 50% deployment in the country.

And if that’s not enough encouragement to use IPv6, and in the spirit of the holiday season, please check out the IPv6-enabled Christmas tree. By pinging particular IPv6 addresses, you should be able to light up particular coloured LEDs on the tree, thus providing assurance of your IPv6 connectivity.

So if you have some spare time over the holiday season, please do look at our Start Here page to understand how you can get started with IPv6.

With this, the Deploy360 team wishes everyone Happy Holidays and we raise a glass to everyone who’s made IPv6 a success in 2016!