25th Anniversary Growing the Internet

You Don't Change The World By Thinking like Everyone Else

We are young. 

We have a bunch of emotions, energy and dreams. 

As young people, we truly believe that our world can get better. Most of the time we do not have fears. We try new things, new trends, new food, and new technology. We are open to hear new ideas and fight for new causes. All this helps us to come up with innovative ideas. 

I have seen lots of great ones!

Some of you have developed these ideas, and now you have projects, groups, businesses, and movements. However, not all of these ideas get the attention that they deserve. 

But now you have the chance. 

This is a unique opportunity to show everyone what you are doing and to be recognised. Maybe you are looking for some assistance or even inspiration. 

You can find it here Рin the Internet Society’s 25 under 25 programme

If this has not convinced you, let me tell you that if we want a better world, this is a chance to meet others who are working on it. 

Who knows, maybe you will end up working together? 

I invite you to nominate yourself or nominate someone else. The Internet Society is looking for 25 people between 13 to 25 years old who are using the Internet to make an impact on their society. As you might know, the Internet is part of our daily life, and it has become a tool for democracy, education, and development. 

There might be great ideas out there that use the Internet to build a better world. And, who could be the authors of these ideas? Young people, for sure. 

If you know a story that needs to be told, please speak up. The Internet Society is waiting to hear from you.