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RIPE NCC Launches IPv6 for Governments Programme

RIPE Network Coordination Centre (RIPE NCC) recently launched an IPv6 for Governments program to assist governments with their IPv6 allocation requests. The program aims ‘to help governments accurately calculate the amount of IPv6 address space they need (and can justify) before they submit an allocation request,’ in order to avoid rejected requests.

Since government requests are often more complex than typical ISP requests, many governments can benefit from learning up front about RIPE’s allocation policies and the documentation they’ll need before they get started.

From the blog post on RIPE Labs:

“The RIPE NCC will contact government bodies when they become RIPE NCC members to offer them assistance through the programme. We will also proactively contact governments that we know to be considering IPv6 deployments.

The programme will be lightweight and tailored to the needs of participating governments. It will be structured around a meeting on their premises to go over their plans and offer advice. We will be in contact ahead of the meeting to get a sense of what they are hoping to achieve with their request.”

You can read more about the program at, including a contact email address if you represent a government that is in the early stages of planning your own IPv6 deployment.