IETF 101, Day 5: All Sorted, Innit?

This week is IETF 101 in London, and we’ve been bringing you daily blog posts highlighting the topics of interest to us in the ISOC Internet Technology Team. Friday is only a half-day, but there’s still a couple of interesting sessions to wrap-up the week.

NOTE: If you are unable to attend IETF 101 in person, there are multiple ways to participate remotely.

Homenet starts at 09.30 GMT/UTC, and has the Homenet profile of the Babel routing protocol currently in IETF Last Call. Other drafts being discussed include the Simple Homenet Naming and Service Discovery ArchitectureOutsourcing Home Network Authoritative Naming Service, and DHCPv6 Options for Homenet Naming Architecture.

The remainder of the agenda will be a discussion about Homenet security in relation to the home perimeter, HNCP and Babel, as well as appropriate trust models and how to establish trust.

ROLL continues from where it left off on Thursday morning, also starting at 09.30 GMT/UTC. There are several drafts being discussed dealing with the issues of routing over resource constrained networks where limited updates are possible.

So that brings the IETF in London to a close, and hopefully we’ve also given you a bit of an insight into rhyming slang throughout the week. Now it’s time to follow the van, as an old music hall song goes, but don’t dilly dally on the way…

Please do read our other IETF 101-related posts … and we’ll see you at IETF 102 on 14-20 July 2018 in Montreal, Canada!

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