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Enhancing IoT Security Project Continues with Second Successful Multistakeholder Event in Ottawa

The Enhancing IoT Security project hosted its second multistakeholder event on June 21, 2018. This meeting served as an opportunity for new participants to join the conversations and for participants of the first meeting to continue working toward consensus on IoT security norms that would empower consumers and ensure network resiliency. A group of 30 individuals met in Ottawa, with another 16 joining virtually, to prioritize the action items from the last meeting and establish working groups that will collaborate and conduct further research for each item. Participants included representatives from private sector companies, public interest groups, the technical community, academia, and government agencies, and each offered unique and valuable insights to the project. Andrew Sullivan, Fellow at Oracle/Dyn, facilitated this discussion and the creation of the working groups.

The meeting began with a discussion about the ten outputs from the first multistakeholder event. The group agreed that it should prioritize work on a few outputs to begin and then expand the projects scope as necessary. Participants decided to focus on the following three issue areas:

  1. Labeling
  2. Consumer education and awareness
  3. Network resiliency

Participants then identified what work would need to be accomplished for each action item and established working groups to address these specific tasks. Each working group discussed how they would continue collaborating and moving forward on their issue area in the weeks between full group meetings.

The event concluded with a discussion about who else should be involved moving forward, including members of the public, coders, and standards development organizations.

You can watch the livestream of the event here and find more information about the meetings and webinars here.

The Internet Society is grateful to our partners, including the Canadian Internet Registration Authority, CANARIE, Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada, the Canadian Internet Policy and Public Interest Clinic, and the Internet Society Canadian Chapter for their support with the Enhancing IoT Security project.

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Image ©Katie Watson, Internet Society CC BY-NC-SA 4.0