The Week in Internet News: AI and IoT Could Lead to Industry 4.0

The new revolution: Advances in the Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence are leading to a fourth industrial revolution, Ars Technica suggests. This so-called Industry 4.0 represents “huge changes in much of the technology we deal with in our daily lives. Some of those changes have been for the better, making our interaction with machines and information more natural and more powerful. Others have helped companies tap into consumers’ relationships, behaviors, locations and innermost thoughts in powerful and often disturbing ways.”

Security gaps: But all is not well in IoT land. Legacy problems related to networking technologies are making IoT security “as bad as it gets,” IoT Hub reports. In addition, staff remotely monitoring IoT sensors don’t have the experience to fix problems.

They’re keeping their eyes on you: The Indian government has found a way to track WhatsApp messages without breaking encryption, Business Insider reports. The surveillance technique involves the government asking the Facebook-owned messaging platform to implement an identifier that would allow law enforcement officials to pinpoint who sent the message without reading it.

A new way to pay: In other Facebook-related news, the company is planning to launch a new cryptocurrency called Libra, The Verge says. Users will be able to send Libra inside of Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp, with it mostly used as an intermediary for transferring traditional currencies. Washington Post columnist Megan McArdle suggests that Facebook is inviting headaches by administering the new currency.

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