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Network Operators in Mexico Strengthen Their Collaboration

Collaboration is a basic element for Internet development. Without it, connections among networks would be non-existent and the Internet wouldn’t have its global reach. Without it, the Internet wouldn’t exist as we know it. Fortunately, there are many groups that use collaboration and other elements of the Internet networking model.

On August 14, NIC Mexico convened the second meeting of network operators in the country. After a first successful meeting held in 2018, this year’s event exceeded the expectations of the organizers. Edmundo Cázarez, Internet Resource Manager at NIC Mexico, said the organization placed greater emphasis on promoting the meeting among network operators, which led to increased participation.

MEXNOG, as the group of operators is also known, has capitalized on the enthusiasm of the participants through their meetings, but also through a mailing list. In the style of other Internet development groups, the mailing list has served as a meeting point and as a space for exchanging information and best practices among participants.

Therefore, the next step for the group is to strengthen participation in this space, as Edmundo points out: “We want the mailing list to be the contact point of the group. It has been used to consult topics of different kinds, but we hope it will increase participation. Currently, communication among network operators already exists in other ways, but the ideal is to be taken to the list.”

This year’s meeting program was formed taking into account the suggestions of the local community. The topics had a strong emphasis on strengthening routing security. From the Internet Society, Christian O’Flaherty, Senior Development Manager for Latin America and the Caribbean, contributed with a presentation about the MANRS Observatory, which had been presented globally the day before the meeting.

At the close of the event, Ernesto Bojórquez, Commercial Director of NIC Mexico and Chairperson of the LACTLD Board of Directors, highlighted the role that network operators play in the development of the Internet. In addition, he invited attendees to point out in their agendas that the group’s third meeting is already dated: August 14, 2020.

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