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Learn, Contribute, and Engage! Introducing the Chapters Training Program!

Our members play a vital role in working for an open, globally-connected, and secure Internet for all – through their experience, knowledge, and passion. For this reason, we’re excited to announce the Internet Society’s 2020 Chapters Training Program.

The Chapters Training Program will be the first engagement and learning program for members that focuses on developing new community leaders.  These community leaders can work together with their respective Chapters and create local awareness of our 2020 Action Plan work and explore options for members to become involved.

Growing and developing our communities is one of our main priorities. By launching this program we aim to strengthen three important development components for Chapters: Chapter alignment to Organizations Strategy, Capacity Building, and Community engagement.

Enrollment for Chapters interested in being part of the program will be open until February 9th . Chapters can subscribe here.

For Chapters interested on getting more details about the program, a video session is available.

We hope to get as many Chapters as possible for this first year pilot!

We can only grow if we innovate and work together. New ideas will always bring new opportunities. Join us and be part of this global initiative!

About Internet Society

Community Week: Share Ideas to Help Make the Internet Stronger

The role people play in our community is vital for an open and trustworthy Internet for everyone. We know that without the knowledge, experience, and contributions of our members the Internet Society wouldn’t be complete.

Chapters Leaders Training in Latin America and the Caribbean

The Chapters of the Latin American and Caribbean (LAC) region have come together to implement a training program that allows members to work with their local Chapter, contributing to the four focus areas of the Internet Society’s Action Plan 2019. The first LAC Capacity Building Program for Chapters was successfully launched last week, with the participation of 182 people out of almost 1000 applicants.

This initiative started at the beginning of the year as a result of a working session held with LAC Chapters leaders. During the session, it was determined that capacity building was an important leverage point for Chapter development and it would be a tool to achieve the Chapters’ local goals during 2019. In the process, three important phases were defined for the program:

  • Capacity Building: Training in our different focus areas
  • Community engagement: Allocation of trained members in Chapters to support local initiatives
  • 2020-2025 Planning: LAC Chapters Workshop to define LAC Community engagement focus for the next few years

Community Week

Due to the outstanding response from our community, we decided to provide an alternative for the people who were not selected for the Capacity Building Program. We are coordinating a Community Week, during which we will offer different virtual sessions on several topics related to our focus areas. This virtual Community Week will place from 10 to 14 June, with Zoom sessions offered in Spanish and English:

Monday, 10 June

  • 16:00 UTC – Consolidation, Carl Gahnberg
  • 18:00 UTC – Open House, Nancy Quirós and Israel Rosas (Spanish)
  • 23:00 UTC – Open House, Nancy Quirós and Israel Rosas

Tuesday, 11 June

  • 16:00 UTC – Internet Regulation, Konstantinos Komaitis
  • 18:00 UTC – Encryption, Ryan Polk

Wednesday, 12 June

  • 16:00 UTC – MANRS, Christian O’Flaherty (Spanish)

Thursday, 13 June

  • 16:00 UTC – Community Networks, Sebastián Bellagamba (Spanish)
  • 18:00 UTC – 2025 Strategy: Virtual Roundtable, Toral Cowieson
  • 20:00 UTC – Community Networks, Sebastián Bellagamba
  • 23:00 UTC – Cybersecurity, Leonardo Huertas (Spanish)

Friday, 14 June

  • 15:00 UTC – IoT and public policy, Shernon Osepa (Spanish)

No registration required! To attend any of the sessions, just click on this link. Don’t miss the opportunity to share your ideas and exchange opinions with other members of the community.

We are thousands of members working to build an Internet for everyone, everywhere. Become a member!

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Spanish Versions of Internet Society Policy Briefs Now Available

We are pleased to inform you that through the efforts and collaboration of our community, today we are launching our first compendium of Internet Policy Briefs in Spanish. This compendium is the result of identifying the need of our community to understand issues related to Internet governance through a common and simple approach. The ultimate purpose of this compendium is to provide a concise view of Internet Society positions on critical Internet issues and serve as a reference for information and / or guide to governments, policy makers and other stakeholders in the process.

The compendium consists of ten policy briefs that you can access through the following links:



Below are the different topics developed in the compendium:

Taking advantage of this message, we want to give a formal thank to the volunteers that supported and collaborated in the review of the Spanish versions of these documents: Alejandro Pisanty, Carlos Raul Gutierrez, Cuauhtémoc Gonzalez Vazquez, Edmundo Cazares Lopez, Javier Salazar, Julio Cesar Zerecero Marin, Manuel Beams Aviña, Mariel García M, Olga Cavalli, Oswaldo Larancuent, Roberto Dragonne, Salvador Camacho Hernandez.

We look forward to continuing to grow these and other resources on important Internet topics for our community and other stakeholders.