Chapter Admin Funding List of Costs

1. Chapter Official Registration

  • Chapter Registration
  • Annual Registration – Renewal Costs
  • Legal costs
  • Bank Account opening and yearly costs
  • Liability insurance for the Officers of the Chapters

2. General admin support

  • Office Rent
  • Office Stationary
  • Office Furniture & Equipment Maintenance charge
  • Accounting / Invoice processing
  • Auditing charge of Organization
  • Compensation for paid staff
  • Zoom license (or other video conference tool)

3. Membership management

  • Membership Cards officers and members
  • Visiting Cards of officers and BoD
  • Administration of members

4. Website Development with hosting

  • Website domain registration
  • Website management
  • Hosting services

5. General assembly

  • Annual General Meeting, Advisory Team Meeting
  • Expert Groups/Sub-Committee’s Meeting
  • Web site update and material promotion

6. Marketing and Publicity

  • Gifts and Promotional material for Chapter Events
  • Social Media Promotion of events organized by the Chapter

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