Online Sexual Harassment-and-Blackmail Awareness for Palestinian Schoolgirls (iSHA-PS)

Project Organizer:
Palestine Chapter

Palestine Chapter
Category: Sustainable Development Goals Support

The project aims to conduct an awareness campaign for schoolgirls to raise the awareness of the dangers of the electronic blackmail and harassment. This will be through performing visits to secondary schools and holding workshops on the best ways of the safe methods in dealing with the Internet, especially social media. In addition to that, we plan to print leaflets and develop a web page to promote the idea of safe and secure internet, parallel with designing video Ads in the local media. The target group of this project is going to be 15-16 years-old female students (9th and 10th grades). The training will be conducted by volunteering university female students. A website will show the best ways to deal with these cases and provide successful experiences.

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