Help connect the world

We have a vision of the world where the Internet makes the impossible possible.
That is why Internet Society volunteers and partners from around the world brought wireless Internet to Tusheti, a remote mountainous region in northeast Georgia.
Here, shepherds battle narrow cliff-face passes in freezing sleet and snow. There are not many other jobs available, and some people leave. But reliable Internet access is now providing a path to new opportunity, including possibilities for local tourism. The goal is to build opportunities for local business and youth.
The Internet Society, its Georgia chapter, and other partners installed five Internet masts in the region in 2016, connecting 85% of the villages. Together, they also installed access points in more than a dozen hotels, guesthouses, and other businesses, providing Internet access to 26 out of 36 villages.
But there’s more to do. Half the world is still not online. For those that are, there is much to be done to make sure those connections are ones we can trust. We encourage you to participate and support your local Chapter initiatives in promoting access.
Think of how much more we could do with your financial contribution. Please support projects like this, and other important programs, by making a secure online donation now and help connect the world.
With your help, we can shape tomorrow and build a digital future were humanity is at the heart of the Internet.
Thank you,
Todd M. Tolbert
Chief Administrative Officer
Internet Society
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