ISOC Israel Chapter Chartered

January 1995

The Internet Society Israel Chapter is co-founded by Dov Winer, Doron Shikmoni, and Hank Nussbacher, among others, with the goal of enabling Internet connection for Israel’s academic community. Though its membership has a strong technical foundation, it makes a conscious effort early on to focus on the Internet’s implications for society, as relating to business, to education, and—particular to Israel—connection with the worldwide Jewish diaspora. The Israel Chapter also engages in community outreach in issues such as access and safeguards for youth on the Internet, and establishes strong contacts with the Israeli parliament, inform the creation of a blueprint for an information society in Israel. Today, the Israel Chapter’s focus on the confluence of the Internet and Society remains strong.

Winer, who played an instrumental role in Israel’s transition to the Internet, was an early member of the Internet Society; in 1992, he had written a letter to Internet Society President Vint Cerf suggesting that the Internet Society establish chapters. After meeting Palestinian Saleem Zugbi at INET ’94 in Prague, Winer also helped prevail upon Jon Postel to provide a ccTLD (country code top-level domain) for the Palestinian State.