IGF Ambassadors Programme

IGF Ambassadorships are for young Internet Society members who have a strong interest in the issues and themes of the Internet Governance Forum.

The individuals chosen as IGF Ambassadors take part in the Internet Governance Forum itself, providing subject matter expertise and facilitating the exchange of information and best practices with key stakeholders participating in the meetings. In the lead up to the Forum itself, each ambassador will be paired with a mentor – an experienced IGF participant, often a former recipient of this award – who will help them prepare and familiarise themselves with the relevant IGF materials, as well as acting as a point of contact at the meeting itself.

Ambassadors represent the Internet Society by promoting the organization’s positions on public policy issues related to the discussions happening at the IGF. They also contribute by providing local and regional perspectives and opinions to enhance the quality of the various sessions and workshops.

Members of the 2015 Internet Society IGF Ambassador program. (Source: Kasek Galgal)

About the Award

Selection Criteria

Ambassadorship awards are available for first-time and returning ambassadors. Selection for the Ambassadorships is competitive. All applicants must be:

  • between the ages of 20 and 40
  • a member of the Internet Society
  • able to present a strong motivation for attending the IGF meeting
  • able to demonstrate interest and expertise in issues on the IGF agenda
  • able to demonstrate experience in leading Internet governance discussions at the international level and in multi-cultural environments
  • capable of appropriately representing the Internet Society and its views and policies as an Ambassador during the IGF
  • capable of  continuing to work with the Internet Society locally after the IGF.

The selection committee will also attempt to achieve professional, geographical, and gender diversity in the overall selections.

2018 Selection Committee

Niel Harper
Noelle Francesca de Guzman
Ryan Johnson
Salam Yamout
Victor Ndonnang
Shernon Osepa
Su Sonia Herring

Why You Should Apply

The Ambassadors themselves will gain valuable insight and experience through their exposure to a range of stakeholders from numerous disciplines across the Internet ecosystem and benefit from the high visibility of their engagement.

There are a range of other benefits to be derived from the programme, both for the Ambassadors and discussions around Internet governance:

  • Focus attention on emerging leaders who embody the values of the Internet Society, promoting its mission to ensure that “the Internet is for everyone”.
  • Reinforce the importance of multi-disciplinary leaders in fostering the sustainability, robustness, security, stability and development of the Internet.
  • Promote youth citizenship, diplomacy, volunteerism and community service as key aspects of next generation leadership.
  • Empower young Internet professionals by broadening their experience and enabling their participation in public policy debates.
  • Provide opportunities for Ambassadors to participate in the global Internet ecosystem and to interact and engage with the broader Internet Governance community.
  • Increase the visibility of Ambassadors and prepares them to deliver more meaningful impacts at the local and regional level.

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How to Apply

Applications are now closed.

Before you apply

Before applying for the Internet Society IGF Ambassadors programme, please download the self assessment guide and ensure that you are able to satisfy the requirements of the checklist.

Timeline for Selection

2 July – Open call for applications

22 July – Close call for applications

3 August – Notify successful candidates

Practical information for Award recipients

The IGF Ambassadors programme provides the following support to participants:

  • A round-trip, economy class airline ticket to attend the meeting
  • Hotel accommodation for the duration of the meeting
  • US$400 stipend to offset incidental expenses
  • certificate of participation after successfully participating in the IGF Ambassadors programme.

Participants should be prepared to pay for any other travel expenses not specifically outlined above. These may include, for example, visa application fees, travel needed to obtain a visa, travel medical insurance, and other related expenses. To avoid undue expenses, it is best that applicants confirm that a host country visa-issuing embassy is available in their country or within close proximity before applying for the IGF Ambassadors programme. Ambassadors may wish to use part of the $400 stipend to offset incurred costs, but please be aware that the stipend is not paid until the Ambassador arrives at the meeting.

Ambassadors will be responsible for obtaining their own visa to enter the country where the IGF meeting is taking place. The Internet Society will provide selected Ambassadors an invitation letter to take with them to the appropriate Consulate or Embassy in support of their visa application. The programme does not directly pay for travel costs associated with obtaining the visa or visa application fees.

The Ambassadorship only supports travel itineraries that get the Ambassador to and from the IGF meeting on dates reasonably close to the actual meeting. Ambassadors should not plan on incorporating extra time for personal or business trips into their travel.

Expectations for IGF Ambassadors

In order to get the most out of the IGF experience and to help the Internet Society achieve the goals of the programme, Ambassadors are expected to perform certain duties.

We asked our 2015 IGF Ambassadors: