SIG Charter Letter

Letter to Internet Society Special Interest Group Chairs

Dear Chair of the Internet Society (NAME) Special Interest Group,

I am pleased to confirm that the “Internet Society (NAME) Special Interest Group” is now chartered and approved as a Special Interest Group (SIG) of the Internet Society.

We look forward to working with you and your colleagues at the Internet Society (NAME) SIG to advance the Internet Society’s mission and goals through the work of your SIG. In carrying out your activities, we would like to encourage you to draw upon the knowledge and experience of existing geographical Chapters as well as other SIG’s.

Equally, please do not hesitate to contact the Internet Society Chapter Development Team for assistance at any time.

To support the SIG’s activities, the Internet Society will provide the (NAME) SIG with:

1. Tools, materials, and resources, including, but not limited to the following areas:

1.1. Leadership development

1.2. Programme development

1.3. Grant opportunities

1.4. Membership recruitment and retention

1.5. Organizational development

1.6. Public and technology policy information and position papers as developed by ISOC

2. Collateral materials and templates for materials (electronic and/or print) which can be used to promote SIG programmes and services;

3. Two-­‐way communication channels and forums to facilitate information sharing, the distribution of relevant information, and the fostering of cross-­‐chapter collaboration;

4. Access to the Internet Society’s membership database;

5. Authorized use of the Internet Society brand name, its associated SIG-specific logo (collectively, “ISOC IP”), provided the SIG acknowledges that the Internet Society owns all rights to the ISOC Intellectual Property (“ISOC IP”);

6. Advice, guidance, and assistance by the associated Internet Society Regional Bureau and other Internet Society staff members in relation to the resources mentioned above.

At any time, with written notice, the SIG may end its relationship with the Internet Society. In this unfortunate circumstance your SIG may either disband or continue to operate as an independent organization no longer affiliated with the Internet Society. We only ask that you no longer use the ISOC IP, the Internet Society materials and SIG tools.

As the (NAME) SIG of the Internet Society, you will take the responsibility to:

1. Establish and maintain the SIG with a minimum of 25 individual members who must be members of the Internet Society;

2. Maintain updated SIG member information in the ISOC membership database, including monthly updates of pending applications, list of SIG officers and members;

3. Develop, maintain, and adhere to your SIG by-­‐laws or equivalent formation documents, as required by the jurisdictions in which your SIG operates. These documents  will,  where  appropriate:

3.1. Reflect and support the Internet Society’s vision, mission, and operating principles;

3.2. Provide for a representative governing body and a consistent, transparent mechanism to ensure annual or bi-­‐annual transparent and open elections (proof of elections to be reported to ISOC);

3.3. Define the maximum number of terms that any individual may hold office both successively and in total; and

3.4. Be filed with the Internet Society and updated as necessary during General Assembly or similar member meeting of the SIG.

4. Conduct at least one mission-­‐related activity (programme/project/event) during every 12 month period and share results with the Internet Society Chapter Development staff within 30 days of completion;

5. As appropriate and in consultation with the Internet Society Chapter Development staff, share and promote one or more of the Internet Society’s official strategic positions or initiatives with local community leaders, media representatives, legislators, and/or regulatory decision-­‐makers every 12 month period, and share results with the Internet Society Chapter Development staff within 30 days of completion; and

6. Establish a presence on the Internet for your Chapter.

7. Encourage collaboration with Chapters by disseminating relevant information for local use.

If the (NAME) SIG does not meet one or more of the minimum standards described in points 1-­‐6 above, and has not received based on valid reasons a waiver from Internet Society Chapter Development staff, a process of “Rejuvenation” will be initiated prior to further action. SIG’s who do not meet one or more of the minimum standards will be granted a period of three months to regain the minimum standards level of performance. If after this period of three months the minimum standards level is not regained, the SIG will be put in ‘Rejuvenation’ for a maximum of 1 year. In this period the SIG will be asked to take the necessary steps in the lacking areas to level up the standards. During a rejuvenation period, no fellowships or event funding will be available to the SIG.

If after the rejuvenation period the SIG is not successful in meeting the minimum standards, Internet Society will have the right to withdraw the SIG’s charter agreement.

The (NAME) SIG will be listed on the Internet Society website.

Global members of the Internet Society can choose to join your SIG via our web portal. Be sure to review and approve these member applications (by the designated SIG AMS Administrators).

Please ensure that the SIG’s formation documents do not conflict with any of the organizational documents of the Internet Society pertaining to the rights and responsibilities of SIG’s. To help comply with the above, we recommend that your SIG submit any proposed changes to the SIG’s by-­‐laws or other governance documentation to the Internet Society Chapter Development Team before being presented to the SIG’s membership for adoption.

Finally, we would like to thank you for your continuous support, time and effort to furthering the Internet Society’s mission.

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