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Civil Society app and 500k Euro for collaboration

I’m team leader of the Civil Society app, which is a part of our community project, supported by the ISOC. Civil Society app aimed at the development of the active citizenship and has 4 main modules: for decision-making based on liquid democracy, for social investments, for social entrepreneurship and for informational environment. Out IT-group should make a test version till the end of February, and it will be good reason for my next publication here, and you can already watch our 2 minutes video or a brief description of main functions of the first module (decision-making) of the app  Hope to find people who is enterested in development of active citizenship and e-participation.

Well, now about good news for possible cooperation with such people -  the EU’s Call for proposal (deadline 24 of February, maximum grant 500 000 EUR)  in particular Strand 2 “Youth field” with priority “Using e-participation as an instrument to foster young people’s empowerment and active participation in democratic life”. To find out more please read the Call-In guidelines (PDF)

If your organization is eligible and can add value to the project proposal as a member of our Consortium, please, let me know at email