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All we want for Christmas is IPv6

fireworksWith the Google IPv6 statistics showing the number of IPv6 connections to Google services approaching 10%, it’s perhaps an opportune time to sign off for the year with the wish that 2016 will be the year that IPv6 deployment goes mass market.

In fact according to Google, IPv6 deployment already saw a 60% increase in 2015, but with the IPv4 address pool essentially exhausted in the ARIN region, there are now clear signs of IPv6 being widely deployed in North America and parts of Latin America. Over in Europe there are also significant success stories with Belgium and Germany leading the way, with other major deployment programmes in the pipeline in the UK, France and the Netherlands.

However, the Asia-Pacific and African regions lag significantly in IPv6 deployments, which is especially concerning in the Asia-Pacific, a region experiencing rapid Internet growth but with a very limited supply of remaining IPv4 addresses. It’s therefore worth again pointing again to RIPE/APNIC Labs article explaining how IPv6 gives comparable performance to IPv4, but without the limitations or difficulties in obtaining address space.

So if you have some spare time over the holiday season, please do look at our Start Here page to understand how you can get started with IPv6.

With this, the Deploy360 team wishes everyone Happy Holidays and a very IPv6 deployable New Year!


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RFC 7511 – Scenic Routing for IPv6

IETF LogoCarrying on a grand old April 1 tradition, the IETF today released RFC 7511, Scenic Routing for IPv6. Given the amount of attention in the industry to environmentally-friendly “Green IT”, this RFC aims to help all the poor IPv6 packets that are trapped inside of wires and cables… and instead gives those packets some fresh air!

Yes, indeed, this new RFC 7511 recommends that packets travel using the RFC 1149 method: “A Standard for the Transmission of IP Datagrams on Avian Carriers“.  Either that or over wireless networks… some way that those poor, deprived packets can see some sunlight! 🙂

I did enjoy the little dig at IPv4:

As of the widely known acceptance of the current version of the
Internet Protocol (IPv6), this document only focuses on version 6 and
ignores communication still based on Vintage IP.

Anyway… in the spirit of the day, you may enjoy RFC 7511.

We’ll be back at you tomorrow, when people may actually take things we write more seriously!

Happy April Fools Day!

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Friday Humor – Hipku Encodes An IPv6 Address As Haiku

hipkuFor your Friday enjoyment, here is the IPv6 utility you never knew you needed – Hipku will encode an IP address as haiku.  For instance, here is the IPv6 address of our Deploy360 website:

Chilled apes and fat smew
aid chilled ace ace ace ace ants.
Ace ants aid ace clans.

Now, I’m not personally sure that helps me a great amount… but it’s certainly something amusing to try on a Friday.  You may get something more memorable for your address. 🙂   You can visit the site at:

and get the actual source code on Github at:

It does work for IPv6 and IPv4 addresses and if you click on the link for your current IP address (under “Example”) you’ll get a nice page with an image behind it.

As author Gabriel Martin explains, he did this entirely for fun … and he does go into great detail about how he did it all.

Anyway… have fun with it!

P.S. And when you are ready to get serious about implementing IPv6, please head over to our Start Here page to find resources designed to help you get started today!

P.P.S. And if you are asking yourself, “why would I remember an IPv6 address? That’s what DNS is for!”  We agree… and we also think DNS should be made secure!  If you aren’t familiar with DNSSEC, why not learn about it today?

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Playing Google's Interactive Rubik's Cube Over IPv6

Today Google’s front page is an interactive “doodle” celebrating the 40th anniversary of the Rubik’s Cube.  Apart from feeling old since I remember when the Rubik’s Cube first came out, I was also of course thrilled to note that being on a Google website, this interactive Rubik’s Cube is available over IPv6:


Using the IPvFoo add-on for Google Chrome I can verify that almost all of my communication is indeed going over IPv6:

Google Rubik's Cube Doodle

I am guessing from the URLs that the IPv4 connections are to some type of measurement site.  Regardless, the main communication is all happening over IPv6.

And this doodle reminded me, too, that it’s been a looooonnnnnggg time since I worked with a Rubik’s Cube! 🙂

If you play with the interactive version today, I hope you have fun… and if you aren’t seeing it over IPv6, why not check out our “Start Here!” pages to see how you can join the rest of us?


Internet Infrastructure Explained in Only Six Minutes

IPv6 CoughNow THIS is impressive!

Tipped off via a ComputerWorld article on “Internet infrastructure explained in just 5 minutes? Yes, with humor – and kittens,” I just had to share the video of Jeremy Bowers from NPR giving a lightning talk at the 2014 Computer Assisted Reporting.

He manages to cover the seven OSI layers, IP addresses – IPv4 and IPv6, of course – DNS, routing, and more in just six minutes.

And yes, there are kittens. Because Internet!

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Humor: IPv6 Exhaustion Counter

In the spirit of the IPv4 Exhaustion Counter, we were greatly amused to see that there is an IPv6 Exhaustion Counter. 🙂


As well as an alternative version for IPv6 prefixes.  Kudos to Sam Bowne for creating this fun little counter!

The beautiful part about IPv6 is that there are no issues with running out of IPv6 addresses… and you can be free to think of IPv6 address plans without all the legacy restrictions of IPv4 and trying to conserve every possible address.

How can we help you make the move to IPv6 today?

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Friday Fun: An IPv6 Pumpkin At Tomorrow's Keene (NH) Pumpkin Festival

Tomorrow, somewhere among the 30,000+ pumpkins displayed at the Keene Pumpkin Festival 2013, will be this pumpkin stating proudly “IPv6”. Probably most people won’t have a clue… but it will be a fun little thing for the geeks and technology folks out there.  Living here in Keene, New Hampshire, as I do, you wind up carving a lot of pumpkins because the pumpkin festival is really our largest annual community event.  After a while, you get tired of carving just simple faces, so it’s always fun to do something different.  If you look at some of the photos (more links to photos here), 30,000-ish pumpkins is a huge amount of pumpkins… and somewhere in there will be one saying IPv6! 🙂
Pumpkin carved with IPv6

What about you?  Are you going to carve any “IPv6 pumpkins” this year?  I thought about carving “::1”, but I thought even fewer people would know what that was! 😉

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Friday Humor: “Keep Calm and Enable DNSSEC” (and IPv6, too!)

keepcalmandenablednssecGiven that it’s a Friday afternoon and the end of our work week, I felt there was no better way to end the week than to highlight the image tweeted out by Marco Davids of SIDN this morning.  Yes, indeed, we in the DNSSEC community now have our own version of the (overused?) “Keep Calm” Internet meme…

(And you can get the full-size version via Marco’s Twitter account.)

Now in seeing Marco’s tweet, I learned of which I kind of knew had to exist out there somewhere, but had just never taken the time to find.

So… in order that IPv6 advocates don’t feel left out… I’ve created a “Keep Calm and Enable IPv6” image as well!  (And yes, I tried fitting both DNSSEC and IPv6 in, but didn’t like the result.)

Anyway, thanks, Marco, for giving us something to smile about today!   Have a great Friday afternoon… and for those of you have a weekend ahead of you, I hope you have a great one!

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Whoops! No Mayan Apocalypse… you DO have to deploy IPv6!

What? You thought the Mayan apocalypse would save you from deploying IPv6?

Sorry… but no, if you are reading this, the end of the world did not happen and you still do need to get on about the business of deploying IPv6!

Why not check out these IPv6 tutorials and get started?  Or check out all of our IPv6 resources?

The world isn’t ending… but the supply of IPv4 addresses IS… so why not end out 2012 by looking at what you have to do to get started with IPv6?

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Friday Humor(?): The Register – “How I Learned To Stop Worrying and Love IPv6”

IPv6 as a topic for fiction? Seriously?  As we continue our ongoing efforts to scour the Internet for the best IPv6 and DNSSEC resources to bring to you, every now and then we run across an article that just causes us to go… well… “hmmmmmmm”.  Such is the case with this piece at The Register named “How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love IPv6” with the subtitle “You make my heart go Ping“.

The short story begins:

Somewhere in the near future…

There were more than 50 people in the room, so it was hot and airless, and it smelled of stale sweat. Government-sponsored crisis posters, tatty and torn, were sticky-taped to the yellowish walls. One urged its readers: ‘Don’t let your selfishness come between little Johnny and his Wikipedia’, another enquired: ‘Do you NATter with your Neighbours? Don’t squander the nation’s resource!’

… and goes on from there…

I will admit that I did smile a good bit and a number of the various references… kudos to whomever is the writer behind this piece as it is certainly an, um, “creative” way to think about a future where IPv4 is exhausted. 🙂

P.S. Seen any other stories/fiction like this on the theme of IPv6? If so, please send them our way and perhaps we’ll feature them in another Friday post…

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Friday IPv6 Meme Image: Y U No Use IPv6?

As we mentioned last week, we thought we’d end our work week with a bit of humor, and thus… IPv6 meme #2… enjoy!

And as we said before, PLEASE SEND US YOUR MEMES!

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Please Send Us Your IPv6 Memes! (Or Deal With OUR Sense Of Humor…)

IPv6 On All The ThingsAs we mentioned on Friday, we’d like to have a little bit of fun with IPv6 in the midst of all the serious stuff we’re posting… so we figure that on the two remaining Friday afternoons before World IPv6 Launch we’d like to post some of the various memes floating around the Internet, tailored to IPv6, of course!

But to make this more interesting, we’re asking you all…


Otherwise, we’re going to come up with them on our own… and we’re pretty much going to guarantee that some of you will be way more creative than we are!

Please just send them to us at:

And as to creating them, a  search on “meme generator” will show you a whole range of sites that let you do this with various characters.

We ask only this – please include “” in the text somehow. Well, and we’d prefer no profanity as we are trying to keep this site “safe for work”.

We’ve already got a couple of ideas in for this Friday but we’d like to have a few more.   We’ll post the best ones and circulate them through our social networks.

Thanks… and we’re looking forward to seeing what you all come up with!