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IETF Journal July 2017 Issue Available Online Now

The July 2017 issue of the IETF Journal is now online at With IETF 99 in Prague just over one week away, this is the perfect time to get caught up on what’s been happening in the world of Internet standards lately.

Our cover article is a deep dive into Segment Routing, a new traffic-engineering technology being developed by the SPRING Working Group. Also in this issue, you’ll learn about the many activities of the new Education and Mentoring Directorate, which aims to enhance the productivity, diversity, and inclusiveness of the IETF.

We also present an update from the Security Automation and Continuous Monitoring WG, BoF updates, a readout from the pre-IETF Hackathon, and an article about the Internet Society Policy Guests to the IETF. Our regular columns from the IETF, IAB, and IRTF chairs and coverage of the IETF plenary wrap up the issue.

There will be print copies available at IETF in Prague, the email version will hit subscribers’ inboxes early next week, and hard copies will arrive to print subscribers shortly thereafter. You can subscribe at, if you haven’t already.

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IETF Open Internet Standards

IETF Journal Volume 12, Issue 3 Now Online

The latest issue of the IETF Journal (Volume 12, Issue 3) is now available online:

Our cover article is a manifesto of why Internet-enabled businesses should care about the open standards and open source communities. We present the first two of a series of interviews with IETF leadership, in this case outgoing IETF chair Jari Arkko and his successor Alissa Cooper.

Also in this issue, you’ll learn about CodeStand, a new initiative that matches developers with coding projects related to IETF activity. We have several Working Group (ccamp, lwig, dhc) and BoF updates, a summary of the pre-IETF Hackathon, and an article about the Internet Society briefing panel on the topic: The I in IoT: Implications for a Global Open Internet. Our regular columns from the IETF, IAB, and IRTF chairs and coverage of the IAB technical plenary wrap up the issue.

You can read this issue online or download the full issue as a PDF. You can also keep up to date with the latest issue by subscribing to the IETF Journal as an email edition or have it delivered to your postal address in hardcopy.

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Hard copies will be available as usual at the upcoming IETF 98 meeting from 26-31 March in Chicago, Illinois.

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New IETF Journal Issue and Website

We are thrilled to announce we have not only a new issue of the IETF Journal ready to go, but a whole new website for the IETF Journal up and running!

On this new site, you’ll find the latest issue as well as all past issues, About Us, sponsors, and all the other stuff that goes into a shiny new publication website. Articles are now categorized into eight topic sections, authors are linked so you can see all articles, say, Jari Arkko has written, and there’s a robust search feature.

In this new issue, catch up on some of the highlights from IETF 95 in Buenos Aires. Our cover article was prompted by a presentation and debate that took place in the sunset4 Working Group on the subject of declaring IPv4 Historic. Read Lee Howard’s and Geoff Huston’s perspectives and make up your own mind! In addition, we have Working Group updates from L3SM and TAPS, observations from one of the Internet Society Fellowship to the IETF Programme participants, a view from the pre-IETF Hackathon, and an article about a potential new technology direction for the IETF, namely Intelligent Transportation Systems. Our regular columns from the IETF, Internet Architecture Board, and Internet Research Task Force chairs, and coverage of hot topics discussed during the plenary meetings wrap up the issue.

As always, we’ll have hard copies of the Journal available at IETF 96 in Berlin, and the e-version will hit your inbox this week if you’re already subscribed. (And if you’re not, visit to be on the list for next time!)

Please read this latest issue, and let us know what you think. We’re also on social media on Twitter and Facebook if you want to follow along. Want to write an article for the next issue? Contact us!

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El IETF habla en español

Rumbo al encuentro IETF 95, que se concretará del 3 al 8 de abril en Buenos Aires y será el primero en la historia en realizarse en Latinoamérica, apareció el IETF Journal en español.

El boletín resume las alternativas del IETF 93, realizado en Praga y profundiza sobre los principales temas en los que está trabajando el IETF actualmente.

El Journal publicado en español incluye un informe especial sobre la sesión de preguntas y respuestas en vivo con Edward Snowden que tuvo lugar a través de video antes de la reunión Nº 93.

Otros artículos de la publicación tratan sobre: el trabajo para simplificar tecnologías de seguridad en Internet, el mundo de NETCONF y YANG, el IETF Hackathon, el modelado de redes basado en Internet y las ideas de la comunidad para mejorar los programas educativos y de mentores, entre otros.

Para completar el documento, se pueden leer interesantes columnas de los presidentes del IETF, el IAB y el IRTF.

Para aquellas personas que asistirán al IETF 95 en Buenos Aires en el mes de abril, este documento es de lectura obligada. Otras fuentes en español que los interesados podrán consultar son:

Link de descarga IETF Journal en español:

Growing the Internet IETF

Журнал IETF на русском языке! Скачивайте и читайте!

Многие из нас, для кого Интернет стал профессией, стараются быть в курсе ключевых трендов и самых актуальных вопросов, которые обсуждаются в этой крайне динамичной среде.

Уже почти 10 лет Журнал IETF (Инженерного совета Интернета) знакомит читателей с дискуссиями и обсуждениями, которые касаются стандартизации Интернета и работы IETF. Журнал IETF старается излагать сложные вещи простым языком, чтобы делать новости из сферы технологий доступными широкой аудитории и привлекать новых экспертов к участию в работе IETF.

Исходя из глобальной природы Интернета, IETF стремится к достижению баланса в структуре участников – привлекая к работе экспертов из разных стран. Так сложилось, что до настоящего времени российское экспертное сообщество вносило незначительный вклад в работу IETF, что удивительно, учитывая традиционно высокий уровень компетенции российских технических специалистов.

Для привлечения внимания к деятельности IETF и стимулирования технических специалистов из России к активному участию в работе этой организации, Европейское региональное бюро ISOC совместно с Российским отделением ISOC (НП «Интернет Сообщество») и Фондом поддержки Интернет ( стартовали совместный проект по переводу Журнала IETF на русский язык. Переводную версию журнала планируется распространять в среде русскоговорящих технических специалистов, на 2015 года запланировано также несколько профильных активностей.

Журнал IETF на русском языке можно скачать:

Если вы хотите узнать больше о проектах и мероприятиях ISOC в России, пожалуйста, свяжитесь с Маарит Паловирта, менеджером по Европейским проектам ISOC (, либо Федором Смирновым, членом Правления и секретарем Российского отделения ISOC (

Сайт Российского отделения ISOC:

Growing the Internet IETF

The IETF Journal Now Available in Russian!

Many of us who are professionally engaged in the world of the Internet seek ways to stay abreast of the latest developments and hot topics in this fast-moving environment.

For nearly ten years now, the IETF Journal has been providing highlights of the ongoing discussions and debates related to Internet standards and to the work of the IETF. The IETF Journal aims to keep its content easily understandable, so as to share its often complex technical news with a wider audience and to facilitate the participation of newcomers to join IETF activities.

With the global nature of the Internet, the IETF strives to attract a balanced number of contributors and participants from across the world. Historically, contributions from the Russian technical community to the IETF work have been relatively low, which is surprising given the traditionally high levels of technical competence in the country.

With a view to raising awareness and increasing contributions from Russia to the IETF’s work on the development of new Internet standard specifications, the European Regional Bureau of the Internet Society together with the Russian ISOC Chapter and the Foundation for Support of Internet Development joined forces to translate the IETF Journal into Russian. The translated Journal will be distributed amongst the Russian technical community and a number of profile-raising activities are planned in Russia for 2015.

The Russian translation of the latest IETF Journal is available from the main IETF Journal page, or directly at

To learn more about ISOC’s activities in Russia, please contact Maarit Palovirta, Manager of European Regional Affairs (, or Fedor Smirnov, Secretary of the Russian ISOC Chapter Board (