Join Our Team! Deploy360 is looking for a Technical Engagement Manager

The DO Team: Kevin Meynell, Megan Kruse & Jan Žorž

Do you have expertise in IPv6, DNSSEC, BGP routing and TLS, are you interested in meeting new people and experiencing different cultures, and most importantly do you want to help drive global adoption of key Internet technologies? If so, then please take a look at our job advert for a Technical Engagement Manager.

This is an exciting new position within our existing Deployment and Operationalisation (DO) team, but also working closely with our Asia-Pacific Bureau. The DO team delivers the Deploy360 programme which was launched by the Internet Society in 2011 to engage with network operators, enterprises, governments, developers, manufacturers of consumer electronics, and other diverse users to encourage deployment of new Internet technologies.

Our ideal candidate will have significant professional experiences in developing and managing Internet services, will have actively participated in the IETF and/or other Internet Operator Groups, and will have extensive knowledge of Internet technologies and the Internet sector. It’s also necessary to have an excellent command of English and be able to communicate technical concepts to all types of audiences.

As this position will be extensively engaging with the Asia-Pacific region, it’s also important to have experience of working in multicultural environments and sensitivity to different working practices. Significant work experience in the region would be ideal, as would proficiency in an Asian language.

The duties will require engagement with industry forums, in particular Network Operators Groups, to promote and support the deployment of the Deploy360 technologies. It will also involve working with these audiences to facilitate the documentation of operational and best practices, so significant travel will be necessary.

We’d also be keen on a candidate who could help us test, trial and document their experiences of deploying new Internet technologies, and generally be a source of technical expertise within the Internet Society. If you can bring any other unique skills we haven’t thought about, then all the better!

This is a demanding role, but if you think you’re up to the challenge then don’t hesitate to apply here!

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Join our Team! Deploy360 Needs a Content and Resource Manager

DO Team 2013Are you passionate about the future of the Internet? Do you want to help drive the global adoption of key Internet technologies, such as IPv6, DNSSEC, TLS, Secure BGP, and Anti-spoofing? Do enjoy both meeting great new people and staying fanatically organized? If you’re furiously nodding your head “yes” to all of these questions – we may have a job for you!

Dan York is moving on up. After helping create Deploy360 content (and Deploy360 itself) for the past three and a half years, he’s now taking on a much broader scope and helping tell stories across the entire Internet Society. This is a great move, for Dan, for the Internet Society, and for the Internet at large. While this does not mean that Dan is leaving us entirely, it does mean that we need more help creating Deploy360 content. That’s where you come in.

We’ve created a new role on the Deploy360 team, which we’re calling the Content and Resource Manager. In broad strokes, we need someone to run the Deploy360 website. Day to day, the Content and Resource Manager will be building and managing a team of volunteer authors, seeking out new content and resources worthy of publication here, monitoring comment queues and generally managing this WordPress-based website and blog, and looking for opportunities to better serve our various audiences and other Internet communities worldwide. The position will include some travel and potentially some speaking opportunities, although getting on stage is not strictly required. You will need to be very comfortable speaking with both experts and non-experts on a wide variety of technical topics.

Still interested? Apply today!

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Deploy360 is Hiring!

Do you want to help get technologies like IPv6 and DNSSEC more widely deployed? Would you like to work with network operators around the world to help understand their deployment challenges – and then develop materials to address those challenges? Do you enjoy speaking at conferences? Translating engineering-speak into business-speak? Interacting with people in operator communities both online and at events?

If so, we’re looking for YOU!

The Internet Society Deploy360 Programme is expanding its capacity to supply up-to-date and useful technology deployment information. We are adding one person to our small team to help generate more deployment content and to increase the conversation about it inside operator communities.

From the job description:

“The primary focus areas of this position will be to: 1) develop and coordinate increased industry collaboration and conversations about the operationalization of Internet technologies; 2) work with targeted audiences around the globe to develop operational documentation on technology topics covered by the Internet Society Deploy360 Programme including, but not limited to, IPv6 and DNSSEC.”

If you or someone you know is energetic about helping others with technology deployment information and you think communication between operators and standards-makers is important, please take a look at our new job opening.