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Video/Slides: Case Study – Deploying IPv6 In 10 Days at 24Media (RIPE67)

Here’s a fun story… Tore Anderson decided that since he was going to RIPE 67 and it was sort of a “party” of network engineers, he ought to bring a gift – so he decided to make 24Media’s websites available over IPv6.  Only problem was that RIPE67 was only 10 days away!  So he had to get going rather quickly….  his slides are online and the video of his presentation is online:


Very cool to see!

How about you?  Can you make your websites available over IPv6?  Check our IPv6 resources for information that can help you!

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Video/Slides: Case Study Of TeraStream’s IPv6 Implementation (RIPE67)

How can a large carrier like Deutsche Telekom implement IPv6 to provide a new simplified service delivery network?  In a presentation at the RIPE 67 meeting in October 2013, Peter Lothberg from DT outlined how they use IPv6 within the TeraStream network.  His slides are available online as well as the video of the presentation:

TeraStream presentation at RIPE 67

For some background, you may want to first view either the slides or the video of Peter’s earlier presentation at RIPE67 where he explained what the TeraStream network is all about.

This kind of case study is very cool to see and we’re appreciative of Peter for taking the time to explain what they did.  We certainly hope that in 2014 more carriers will look at how they can use IPv6 to provide similar service delivery capabilities!

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Video/Slides: Mark Townsley On IPv6 In The Homenet (RIPE67)

Mark Townsley at RIPE 67How can we raise the bar in home networking? How can we make home network configuration simpler and easier? How can we more effectively route packets in a home network? How can we do this in an environment when the IPv4 address pool is declining?

In this great presentation at RIPE67, Mark Townsley talks about the efforts in the “Homenet” working group within the IETF with these goals in mind:

  • Networks shall have ample IP address space
  • Routers shall know where to send packets
  • Names resolve to addresses
  • Human touch is not required

Mark walks through the problems Homenet is trying to solve in terms of home routing, how it relates to IPv6, and how this all works.  Mark is an enjoyable presenter and I think you’ll find this presentation quite educational and useful!

The video of Mark’s talk is available from the RIPE67 site, as are Mark’s excellent slides.

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Video/Slides: Status of Best Current Operational Practices (BCOP) at RIPE67

At the RIPE67 event last week, our Jan Zorz joined Benno Overreinder on stage to give an overview of the ongoing efforts to expand sharing of “best current operational practices” (BCOPs) between network operators around the world. Jan’s slides are available and the video of the talk can be viewed on the RIPE 67 site:

RIPE 67 BCOP Presentation

To learn more about this initiative, please visit our BCOP page.

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Video/Slides: Case Study – IPv6 and Home Automation (RIPE67)

How well can a home be automated using IPv6? This week at RIPE67, Nathalie Trenaman spoke about how she and her boyfriend have been in the process of wiring up their home to work over IPv6. We previously mentioned the IPv6 home automation blog she’s been maintaining, but in this presentation she went into a great amount of detail and provided a good set of slides outlining the steps they’ve gone through and what has or hasn’t worked. You can watch the video on the RIPE67 site:

RIPE 67 - Nathalie Trenaman

Natalie concludes offering these “lessons learned”:

  • IPv6 in your house is not cheap
  • There is a lot of manual labour involved
  • Thank Goodness for Open Source!
  • Vendors of commercial “home” products are not even aware of IPv6
  • Not everything with IPv4 can be done with IPv6

It’s a good set of information and it is through efforts like this that we’ll start to see consumer electronics vendors paying attention.

Have you tried automating your home over IPv6? What has your experience been? What systems have you found that work over IPv6?

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Video: Geoff Huston at RIPE67 – Great Charts On The Global State of IPv6 Deployment

Geoff Huston at RIPE 67Today at RIPE67 in Athens, APNIC’s Geoff Huston gave a great presentation on “Global State of IPv6 Deployment Since IPv6 Launch Day“.  As we’ve mentioned before (related to DNSSEC), Geoff’s team at APNIC is using an innovative system of Flash-based ads running via web ad networks to do all sorts of Internet measurements.  In this RIPE67 presentation, he looks at what they’ve seen with regard to IPv6 deployment all around the world.  His IPv6 measurements are different from those of Google and so it is useful to see results out of another measurement system.

While looking at where IPv6 is being deployed,  he looked at who is deploying IPv6 and pointed to networks like Verizon’s wireless LTE network in the US that now are running over 40% IPv6! Geoff then looked at the performance of IPv6 networks and was pleasantly surprised at what he found.   His conclusion is that IPv6 deployment is definitely happening and the excuses operators give for waiting are going away.

The video of Geoff’s talk is available from RIPE’s website.  Geoff’s slides, full of all sorts of interesting IPv6 charts, are also available.  His talk is about 20 minutes followed by a few minutes of questions.  It’s well worth the time!

What are you waiting for to get IPv6 deployed?  How can we help you?  (Check out our list of IPv6 resources as a place to start.)

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What Does the IPv6-only Web Look Like? Video Of Lee Howard’s RIPE67 Talk

Lee Howard at RIPE 67What does the Web look like if you are browsing from an IPv6-only network? At the RIPE 67 event yesterday in Athens, Greece, Lee Howard of Time Warner Cable gave a brief overview of his team’s look at the IPv6-only user experience – and what needs to be done to make that experience a better one!

The video of Lee’s talk is available for viewing from the RIPE 67 site, as are Lee’s slides.

The key point for website operators is – you need to make your website available over IPv6 now (And here are our suggestions for how to get started with making your content work over IPv6.)