Deploy360 Domain Name System Security Extensions (DNSSEC)

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reddit-dnssecurityIf you are a Reddit user interested in DNSSEC, there is now a subreddit focused on “DNS security” at:

Please do subscribe and comment – and also please feel free to contribute links to any articles or resources out there related to DNSSEC, DANE or other topics related to DNS security.

P.S. There’s also a subreddit for IPv6, too.

Deploy360 Domain Name System (DNS) Domain Name System Security Extensions (DNSSEC) – News from the DNS blogosphere

Looking for news about DNS and DNSSEC that is happening around the Internet? If so, check out:

DNSsexy is a news aggregation site built and maintained by Jan-Piet Mens that pulls together DNS-related items from a variety of blogs and news sources. Do note that this is DNS in general… so it covers a wide range of DNS topics, not just the DNSSEC we cover here.

You can view the latest news by going to the site – or by adding the aggregated RSS feed into Google Reader or whatever feed reader you use.

I’ve found it quite a useful way to stay up on the many DNS posts happening around the Internet. Thanks to Jan-Piet Mens for setting up and maintaining the site!

Deploy360 IPv6 Aims To Provide Q&A-Style Forum For IPv6 Discussion

Looking to post a specific IPv6 question and receive an answer? Or looking to see what kinds of questions people are asking about IPv6? If so, the folks at Network Revolution, an IPv6 consultancy based in London, have set up a web forum at where people can ask IPv6 questions and receive answers from others in the community. They’re seeking to make it a member-driven community where people can collectively build up a knowledgebase of information related to IPv6.  While I’ve not yet set up my own free account to join the discussions, it does look like a useful resource and as we approach World IPv6 Launch on June 6 it is great to see more and more resources like this coming online!

Deploy360 IPv6

US DoD DREN Provides Excellent IPv6 Knowledge Base

DOD High Performance Computing Modernization ProgramIf you are looking to learn more about IPv6 or looking for lists of products and training resources related to IPv6, the folks over at the United States Department of Defense (DOD) High Performance Computing Modernization Program maintain a comprehensive site devoted to sharing information about IPv6 based on the work of the Defense Research and Engineering Network (DREN).

Long names and acronyms aside, some of the many excellent resources to be found within the site include:

  • A case study of DREN’s IPv6 pilot program
  • An overview of lessons learned with IPv6
  • An IPv6 tutorial
  • A long list of many IPv6-related training resources, books and ebooks 
  • Information about applications that support IPv6
  • A list of networking products supporting IPv6
  • Suggestions on what to do before you begin your IPv6 deployment
  • IPv6 security information
  • A FAQ

The site includes a great amount of information of value not only to US government agencies and employees, but also to anyone working with IPv6. Kudos to the team at DREN for maintaining the site and we’re pleased to add it to the list of resources we’re promoting here on Deploy360.