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Olaf Kolkman presents on Collaborative Security @ TNC16


The Internet Society’s Chief Internet Technology Officer Olaf Kolkman presented on Collaborative Security at the TNC16 Conference in Prague, Czech Republic earlier this week. TNC is one of the leading conferences for research and education networking, and attracted around 700 participants from National Research and Education Networks (NRENs), universities, research institutions and industry in Europe and around the world.

Olaf talked about how we usually think of the Internet as a complex network of networks, each operated by autonomous operators whose services are only loosely coupled to a best efforts service. However, the security and resilience of the Internet not only depends on how well risks to you and your assets are managed, but also on how you manage the risks that you present to the Internet ecosystem. This is the notion of collective and shared risk management that is aligned with the “public interest” nature of the Internet.

This is becoming increasingly important with the rise of the Internet-of-Things (IoT) that will greatly increase the proliferation of low-cost devices with limited power, memory and processing resources, These will have the tendency to be unattended with built-in obsolescence, which can create significant problems if the hardware and software are built with limited security features and/or are not updated in response to security issues as they’re discovered.

It’s therefore important to design devices to minimise the impact of their misuse, including good security at the outset and the ability to deploy new security mechanisms over the lifetime of the devices. Protocols should also be designed so that a compromise of a single device does not result in compromise of others, especially since the compromise of a large number of devices can enable attacks such as a distributed denial of service. For example, sharing secret keys across an entire product family is problematic since compromise of a single device might leave all devices from that product family vulnerable.

The full presentation and archived video are available on the TNC16 website.

In you’re interested in finding out more about collaborative security, then please see our MANRS website, as well as our The Internet of Things (IoT): An Overview white paper. You can also visit our resources related to IoT on the Deploy360 website.

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Video: Olaf Kolkman's TNC '16 Keynote on Collaborative Security and the Internet of Things

On Tuesday, 14 June, Chief Internet Technology Officer Olaf Kolkman gave a keynote presentation at TNC ’16 on collaborative security and the Internet of Things.

During “Collaborative Security – Reflections about Security and the Open Internet,” he discussed how an open Internet is a powerful driver for social, technical, and economic interaction. Its success is based on Invariants like openness and permissionless innovation – properties that not only create opportunities but also contribute an increased threat surface to the Internet.

Security responses are often premised at preventing bad things locally and not on the global properties that need protection. Individual actors need to take into account an external perspective to trade off their actions toward the bigger Internet. He reflects on resiliency, outward facing security, and governance, and gives some examples of collaborative security and the difficulty of them getting traction.

His slides are also available online at

We hope you enjoy Olaf’s keynote, and read our Collaborative Security paper to learn more.